How do I transfer my license to another computer?

This Article concerns features available in the following applications: PDF Pro; PDF Creator; PDF Reader; PDF Writer; PDF Editor


You might have bought a new computer, upgraded hardware within your existing computer, or simply needed to reformat.

By default, a license key for the software is meant to work on a single computer. In order to transfer the license key to a new computer, our customer support team will first need to reset the license key. As such please follow these steps in order to transfer PDF Pro to a new computer:

Step 1: If possible, please uninstall the application from your old computer

Step 2: Contact customer support and ask them to reset your license key

Step 3: reinstall the application on the new computer and use the same license key.


Please submit a ticket if you are having any licensing issues, we should be able to resolve your request within 24 hours.

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