Where do I find my license Key?

This Article concerns features available in the following applications: PDF Pro; PDF Creator; PDF Reader; PDF Writer; PDF Editor


We use Fastspring as our trusted checkout platform to process payments and issue license keys. Once the payment has been made, you will immediately receive your license key. It will be displayed on the confirmation page, and you will also receive it in your email along with your receipt.


If you ever lose your key or have any other licensing requests, please submit a ticket to our customer support, we typically respond within 24 hours. We will need your name, the email address you’ve used to make the purchase, or the order confirmation number in order to retrieve information on your license key.

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    PDF Creator Report tool

    and that's it, how do I now use the software purchased from your company?
    as a reminder, I paid for your software without being able to use it.
    order of 15/02/2019 : CD pdf creator: AUDIA190215-7202-95251
    PDF creator pro CD: AUDIA190215-7202-13276
    where is the solution?

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